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Jac, Christian Shepherd


Yes, I meant to leave off the ‘K’.

I gotta tell you, I’ve always hated this theory that Christian Shepherd might be Jacob. And I guess it’s because well… that goofy little theory’s been floating around ever since Jacob was first mentioned. Back then, there was no one else that really fit the bill. So to me, it just seemed way too obvious. And as the seasons progressed and the Jacob mystery got more dense and complex… the idea that the most enigmatic character we’ve never seen is actually the same person in the role of the most enigmatic character we have seen… well, that… that was just too simple. And if Lost is anything… it’s NOT simple.

And at the end of last season when Locke confronts Christian in the cabin, he asks him, point blank, “are you Jacob?”. To which Christian says no, only that he can speak for Jacob.

I was like, “Thank you! Enough with the Jack’s dad is Jacob thing! It’s over, he’s not Jacob!” And I thought that was that.

But since then, people have occasionally asked me about it. Here at my blog, twitter, randomly on the street. They ask me what I think, and I’m always like, “Pfft! Um… no… he said he wasn’t. Remember? Last season? Can we move on?”

And last night, I got another one of those. @caass19 asked me this. To which I promptly answered this.

And then I started getting ready to see Star Trek.

I don’t know exactly what happened. But at some point while I was brushing my teeth, I thought, “Dude, have you done any research into who Jacob even is?”

Then I thought, “I don’t need to. They’re prolly gonna tell us this week, and I know one thing, it’s not gonna be Christian Shephard.”

Then I thought, “No dude, have you ever done any research into the biblical Jacob? Do you know who that is, Mr. I love everything Ancient on the show?”

I thought, “Um… yes… he was an old testament guy.”

Then I thought, “Yeah, but do you know anything about that ‘old testament guy’?'”

I was like, “One of… God’s children.”

“Sure, one of God’s children. According to the Bible we’re all God’s friggin children. Do you know what he did for a living?”





“They had bakers.”


“Was he a wiseman?”

“Have you ever read the Bible?”

“I’ve read some parts… on my iPhone.”

“Okay, well, why don’t you use that iPhone to look it up.”

So I did. I googled ‘Jacob’s Occupation Bible’. And the first page that popped up said:

Jacob was a quiet (mg.) stay-at-home lad and followed the occupation of a…


“That’s right, he was a Shepherd.”



“I’m not falling for this.”

“Falling for what?”

“You’re trying to get me to buy that stupid theory that Christian Shephard might be Jacob… why?! Cause he was a ‘Christian Shepherd’? Please.”

“Well technically Judeo-Christian Shepherd.”

“Whatever, it’s a red herring. It’s, it’s…”

“He’s not the only Shepherd on the show you know.”

“Of course I know that. I watch the show, okay. Jack is a Shep-……”



“You wanna consult your iPhone?”

“… Do you mind?”

“Not at all. But you better hurry, Star Trek starts in an hour.”

So I wiki’ed it. Sat on the edge of the tub. Toothbrush in my mouth. Gums burning like you wouldn’t believe. And I read. Oh boy did I read.

There was a lot in there, but basically what I learned was this: Jacob was really stubborn. He didn’t really trust others much. And he like to wrestle against God. This particular section was a standout:

Jacob then transported his family and flocks across the ford Jabbok by night, then recrossed back to send over his possessions, being left alone in communion with God. There, a mysterious being appeared (“man”, Genesis 32:24, 28; or “God”, Genesis 32:28, 30, Hosea 12:3, 5; or “angel”, Hosea 12:4), and the two wrestled until daybreak. When the being saw that he did not overpower Jacob, he touched Jacob on the sinew of his thigh (the gid hanasheh, גיד הנשה), and as a result, Jacob developed a limp (Genesis 32:31).

And then after that incident, Jacob was given a different name by God or this Angel thing. He was called Israel… and he suddenly got really cool with God.

“Wait a second wait a second wait a second… are you trying to say… that you think Jack is Jacob?”

“Am I trying to say?!”

“I mean, am I trying to say that Jack is Jacob?”

“I don’t know, are you?”

“Well….. Jack is pretty stubborn.”

“That he is.”

“He’s always wrestling against Locke’s spiritual juju.”

“Yeah, that too.”

“But the sinew of his thigh thing! That sounds like Locke! Not Jack! And that quick shot of Jacob in the cabin in Season 3… that was Terry O’Quinn. I’ve looked at the screen caps. That’s definitely Terry O’Friggin Quinn.”

“Okay, it’s Terry O’Quinn.”



“…….. but maybe it is Jack. Wait a sec… have we ever seen Jack spell his own name? Does he even spell it with a K?

“You’re asking me?”

“I can’t remember.”

“Yeah, me neither.”

“But wow, this, uh… this changes things…..”

“I’d say so.”

“But it’s not Christian, though! I mean, pfft!… that’s for sure… we can agree on that right?”

“Oh yeah… of course not… couldn’t be Christian.”


“Not with all the time traveling going on. Couldn’t possibly be Jack’s dad. Never.”

“Time…. Traveling?……………………. wait a second. What if….?”


“What if Christian and Jack are the same person?”


“What if the Shepherd is the guide? What if the Shepherd is the compass? What if those two are stuck in a loop?”

“Slow down!”

” What if Jack ends up raising a younger version of himself and changes his name?”

“To Israel?”

“No to Christian! Raises his younger self and calls himself Christian. Jack stays in 1977. Leaves the Island. Continues as a surgeon. Continues drinking. Pressures his son into the same profession. Sets everything up for his son to fulfill the same course of events in 2003.”

“Would they try to pull off a different actor as the same person, though?”

“What are you talking about, dude?! Clearly YOU haven’t watched the show. They do that all the friggin time! With Eloise Hawking, Widmore… and… Miles.”

“But that would mean you have to concede that some of these other theorists, @caass19’s brother included, might be right. That the idea of Jacob begin Christian might not be as simple as you think.”


“It’s okay, other people can be right, John. You don’t have to get so pissed every time someone proves you wrong.”

“No, not that, damnit! The movie starts in like 20 minutes! I’m gonna be late! Errrrr! All I wanted to do tonight was unwind with a good old rock’em sock’em action movie. And now you got my head all wrapped up in this time travel nonsense.”

“Well enjoy the movie.”

“I friggin will!”

Anyway, it ended up being a really good movie. You should go see it.


  1. John. I’ve always been firmly in the Christian-is-not-Jacob camp too, but you’re starting to sway me. I’ve got another puzzle piece I want to throw at you, too tired right now to do the analyzing myself (hello, cop-out), but:

    Do you think Jack’s grandfather fits into this theory somehow?

    I remember thinking it was really strange that the character was introduced merely to give Jack a pair of his father’s shoes. It seemed like a pretty big character to introduce for such a trivial plot point. (At least it felt trivial to me the first time I saw that ep — probably because that was my least favorite episode of the season.) Could Jack be both his father AND his grandfather? (If the time loop keeps happening, and Jack keeps staying in 1977, he could theoretically keep “reproducing” himself.)

  2. Wow. Wow… wow. I read this about three times and I’m still completely speechless, but I love this theory! It makes sense — Christian pushes Jac(k?!) in all the right directions in his life to get him on that plane. Christian was connected to a lot of freaking people on that plane, Ana Lucia, Claire, Sawyer, did he know what needed to be done to get them to where they ended up?

    We all know how much the creators love to pack a ton of meaning behind character names. And the spelling of Jack’s name — Holy god! it never even crossed my mind. Jac instead of Jack, that’s just brilliance. I can’t wait to see how this all pans out on Wednesday.

    If Jack is Jacob and Locke successfully gets away with killing him, what the heck is that going to cause? It makes me wonder, because I was told by a friend a main character is getting the axe on the finale. I still don’t know if that little fact is true or not but if it is.. Jack, Jacob, and/or Christian? What?!

  3. Erik, I think you have something there with the grandfather. When I saw that scene, I thought the exact same thing. It was so strange that they introduced the character at all. Why show us that Jack has a grandfather? There are countless other ways to get shoes for Locke that would have fit. So yeah, in retrospect it seems like grandpa has significance. That would be crazy if they tried to pull off three actors as the same person though… oh wait… Eloise had three actors… so did Widmore………. and Miles too!! Holy!!!

  4. hmmmm…. @SarahSaumdre and I were discussing this very thing Saturday night after I watched my first ever episode of Lost (Follow the Leader). I can’t divulge too much, cause we’re gonna post some things on our blogs, but we *know* where you’re leaning…It’s so mind-blowing and quite a possibility!

  5. Well, Ash, if this theory is correct, and if your friend’s rumor is also right, then I’m gonna put my money on it being Jack. Or my hope at least. It would make this the story of how one very special man (Locke) is able to do what no one in the course of time has ever done before… break this ugly loop.

  6. Well, according to my googling skills, Kristin at E! says a “well loved” character is leaving.. and she usually gets the scoop pretty well. And it’s a real leaving-the-show death, a la Shan and Charlie.. not a death like Locke’s. Now that was awhile ago, so they could very well be talking about poor Faraday, but I still feel like he could be reappearing sometime. If we haven’t seen this “real death” yet, I’m really putting my money on Jack.

    Hey, also, Claire is off hanging out with Christian somewhere on the island, isn’t she? Or at least that’s what I am still assuming. How does that fit into your Jac, Christian Shepard theory, if at all, because to me it’s still quite curious that she’s missing for a season after last been seen with dear old dad.

  7. Now you’ve got me on my iPhone looking stuff up.

    Okay… You realize that this makes jack Aaron’s father… & because in the bible, Jacobs whole goal in life was to be a direct ancestor of Jesus this makes Aaron Jesus.

    Now… I’m just going to throw this out there… Jacob had a twin brother… Who was said to be very hairy… So I’m proposing that it isn’t just jack & Christian but jack, chris & crazy hairy drug addicted “we gotta go back Kate” jack getting all time loopy… 3 of them…. 3.

    Or could the twin brother be faraday? After all… He is hairy & Jacob at one point wanted to take his brother’s place… & jack is now going to carry out Faraday’s plan in his place.

    Ouch… My brain.

  8. P, I don’t understand how it makes Jack Aaron’s father. Christian isn’t Aaron’s father. Christian is his grandfather.

  9. It is 1am… I ate both a waffle & a pancake today… I’m rather dizzy at the moment… So yeah… I miswrote…. Grandfather… Though still a direct ancestor.

  10. & speaking of Aaron/Jesus…. Remember that wacky vision Charlie had of the birth of Christ with Claire as Mary? & all those herion-filled virgin Mary statues on the plane?

  11. Well let’s just say that it’s like 4 am and now I know that I’m gonna be up for another couple of hours just because I read this column of wonderfully confusing/illuminating text. Can’t wait to find out… I’m sure I’ll still be up thinking about it…

  12. This theory totally makes sense! I’ve always thought that Christian WAS Jacob, and it would make even more sense if Jack turned into Christian!

  13. J@wzers, awww, no! lol! I hate to think I did that to ya! I hope you don’t have work in the morning.

  14. Alright… some further Jack = Jacob evidence.

    Both are HEALERS (Jack’s ex wife, Juliet’s sister)

    Jacob is a relative of the biblical AARON (Jack’s nephew = Aaron).

    His family members are the only ones chilling in the cabin.

    AND we all love visual cues, right?

    What is the first shot we get of Jack?

    His eye.

    What is the first (and so far only thing) we’ve seen of Jacob?

    HIS EYE.

    Bam. Still don’t know if I’m totally on board with the theory. I keep asking how they’re going to get this to connect when there are so many bigger questions of Jacob versus the Island and former and future servants to be answered. But the Healer, relative of Aaron and the establishing shots of the eye are incredibly intriguing to me.

  15. sarahsamudre, ARH!!! I meant to include something about the Jack/Jacob healing factor! I got caught up in the nonsense. Shnabit!! That’ll teach me! And yeah, the Aaron thing for sure.

    The EYE thing, though… bril.li.ant!! BRILLIANT!!!!

    I mean, what’s the problem? Why are you not totally on board? Get on this plane, girl! The eye’s on here! Don’t you wanna get back to The Island?

  16. Okay, that sounds really really good and I have to admit that I never really thought about who Jacob might be. Did anyone already say that Christian is not only a name but also a religion that would fit the story about Jacob, Jesus etc.? I am confused. When they showed Jacks grandfather I also had the impression that he once was on the island but that it could be himself, I mean I understood your text as if you meant that the grandfather is Jack as also Christian is Jack but they are older versions of him. You know, it would be so cool if this theory proofs right in the coming finale! After that I would believe you anything.. 😉

  17. Yes, that’s exactly what I meant, Cat. And it’s true, you do get this sense that the grandfather has been through a lot… like he was on the Island once. That’s a good way to put it.

    Wow, well then I really hope I’m right. Believing ANYTHING I say?! That’s some serious power you’re giving me there. lol.

  18. A really interesting theory! like you, I’ve always dismissed this idea that Christian was Jacob, but this certainly sound plausible. I also enjoyed you inner self discussion, lol. But I still don’t know if I want Christian to be Jack in the future, it could certainly mean that this guys has even more issues than we thought, like for instance, Jack (Jac?) got it on with her own mother?! so that he could be born? idk, it’s weird. And where does that leave Kate? cause I still think those guys will end up together, if they don’t die. Or could Kate be the mother?! Mmm I just searched for a picture and she does have brown hair and light eyes… so maybe? http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/lost/images/9/92/VeronicaHamel.jpg

    Oh John, maybe you do have something real there!!!

  19. John, you have REALLY thought this out! I actually love this theory a lot. I was with you on the whole, Christian is NOT Jacob thing a) because Christian says it isn’t him and b) I always thought that silhouetted shot of Jacob in the cabin looked like Jamey Sheridan as The Dark Man.

    I think I was really influenced by the writers saying they’d been strongly inspired by The Stand.

  20. i love this. very interesting!

    also….. it seems unlike you to just believe something that a character says. you don’t seem to believe Widmore when he says he faked the plane crash… so why believe Christian when he says he’s not Jacob?

    i have no idea what to think, but i am really enjoying your recent theories on things!

  21. Most important…did you get to Star Trek in time?

  22. Oh no, do I sense another act of vengeance in the works?

    Okay, the eye thing IS brilliance. There’s so much going for this theory- my qualms keeping me off this plane you speak of have to do with the fact that we have only ONE season left and I’m wondering how they’d fit this big twist in without infringing on all the other narrative points they have to hit before ending the show.

    I’ll tell you though, their perfect opportunity to make Jack Jacob may have something to do with trying to detonate a hydrogen bomb on an electromagnetically charged supernatural Island.

    *Oh and John, I AM already on the Island. In fact, I am the friggin Island, and I’m on my way to kill Jacob.

  23. Though really wishing I hadn’t seen the “rumors” upstream, I’m enjoying the discussion here. We wondered last week if Jacob wouldn’t end up being Jack.

    I like all the research that supports one of the Shepherds being Jacob. I’m not entirely certain I buy Jack in that role but I kinda love the idea of what a giant mind-fuck it’d be for him if it’s true.

  24. JP,

    You can read all about the Jacob/Christian connections at Lostpedia. These people have covered every freaking angle you can think of and probably obsess about LOST more than you (or I) do.



    ~ Linda

  25. Whoever Jacob is (not Christian I think) he is a) definitely stuck in a time loop, going in and out of phase, and b) definitely asked John Locke to help him. Why Locke could see him and Ben never did is an interesting point…

    Also you guys are quite right about Gramps being suddenly introduced. Didn’t he say by way of explaining trying to escape the confines of the rest home, that he wanted another adventure?

  26. What a thing to drop on someone on a Monday. I’m replaying all the Jack/Christian events to try to find additional links. Jack has frequently been treated different, beginning with waking up apart from the rest of the crash, but I’m not sure what else relates here.

    How many times did both Jack and (undead) Christian occupy the same scenes? Wasn’t Locke concerned with encountering the other him? Would they have caused a rift in the space-time continuum, or would the two Lockes just not have understood what was happening?

    The Granddad scene always bugged me (as it did others) but agree that it could fit in here… And maybe after making another “loop” the character would have just appeared in their lives, just as he did in ours. That makes sense, right?

    Also, since I seeing Star Trek I’ve been trying to pull out any comparisons and themes Abrams may have hidden there. [Keeping it spoiler free]

  27. Ok so I have to throw my own two cents in here. Jacob’s twin brother, Esau, was meant to have all his father left (as technically the first born) but was replaced by his brother. He felt his destiny had been robbed of him and vowed to kill his brother, Jacob. (Even their mother, Rebekah, helped trick their father Issac into bestowing his blessing onto Jacob rather than Esau, just FYI.) Jacob was a shepherd and Esau was described as “a skillful hunter, a man of the field.” What if Locke is an estranged brother of Jacob who really is Jack?!

  28. Dude. That totally made my brain hurt. I still don’t agree that the screen cap of Jacob is Terry O’Quinn; however, I feel like you have convinced me of something in this post, but I’m not sure what just yet.

  29. Hot diggity! It is so good to see all of you guys. Throwing it down! I love it! I have so many thoughts after reading all these comments. Gonna comment later tonight.

  30. Rae, yeah, I’m not into the rumors, either. When I start hearing stuff like, someone got a DUI and they’re being asked to leave, or a loved character will be killed by season’s end, it just gets in my head. Is that what you mean?

    It’s also why I don’t really read much on lostpedia. It’s good for remembering a name, the exact way an event played out, or pictures you want to reexamine… but all the intricate details… I don’t know… a long time ago I read a page about the Black Rock, and it went on talking about it’s history in such minute detail. I was like, “how the hell does this site know this?!” And then of course I remembered it was wiki… and it felt strange. Less like theorizing and more like reading a video game walkthrough.

  31. Hugel, Locke didn’t want them going towards the light beam because he remembers that his experience at the hatch didn’t include seeing them. But duplicates are allowed to share the same time/space. Just as long as the correct iteration of the two stays unaware of the other (or who the other is).

    For example, older Miles can see his younger self, but his younger self can’t really become aware of him, or who he is. Locke’s earlier versions must remain unaware of the later ones (especially since he looks exactly the same and could never fool the earlier one). But the later ones can know about the earlier ones. And so if Christian is an older Jack, then Christian can understand that truth… but Jack has to continue to perceive him to be his father. The question is… what happens if younger iteration DOES become aware of the older? I think the answer to that may be at the root of the Jacob mystery.

    Smartacus, I love the idea that Locke is the rival brother of Jack. It’s possible that Jack’s real father was also Locke’s con-artist dad. It could explain how a young Jack could also be left fatherless, and why the Jack we know might change his name to Christian in order to raise him.

    Okay, I’m gonna predict something here… but it’s gonna start out with a big IF:

    If they do reveal Jack to be the same person as as Christian, Grandpa, or both… it will be shown to us before being told… and it’ll be done so using Jack’s tattoo as the visual.

  32. I’m totally enthralled by this discussion, and yet… *cough* umm, I’ve seen nothing past season two. *hangs head* but your blogs make me want to catch up! I just… need time to watch TV. plus I have a netflix queue that’s going to take about 5 years to get through. (I need a pause button for life- then when I catch up on, well, everything… I can unpause and be more participatory.)

    also, I’d like to request more conversations with yourself, because that was *awesome*. hee. of course, your blogs are always awesome, so I’ll be happy with whatever you give us. :)


  33. This theory sounds really convincing but there others on the island who could be plausible players in the ‘fit the lostie in the biblical tale’ game.

    For example… if Jack is Jacob… then why were we told the story of Jacob stealing the blessing of his older twin brother Esau’s by killing a sheep his brother was supposed to kill through the story of Sayid as a little boy, killing the chicken for his older brother?

    Though… Sayid IS hairy and a hunter not so much of game but of people… so he could be the Esau to Jack’s Jacob…

    Another question I have is how do we know that we are talking about the Genesis Jacob and not the Jacob in Matthew? While we do have the warring tribes scenario from the old testament… we do have the messianic imagery from Charlie’s visions of Aaron. It makes me wonder if they’ll ever bring Aaron and Walt back into the story line. From the beginning of the series, to me, it always felt like they were going to pit Aaron against Walt but they have never readdressed it but all this biblical stuff got me thinking about that again.

    Thanks for putting it into a way I could wrap my mind around in your last comment John… Oh.. and there might be a way that young Miles will be able to see his older self. If Miles dies on the island young miles would be able to see his ghost… granted young miles would need to be a little older.

  34. Meant to post a comment yesterday when I read this (having finally watched the most recent episode!) but I was not sure exactly what to say other than ‘woah’. Thank you for blowing my mind. Jack is Christian is Jacob? I really hope this is right. It seems right to me.

  35. I love you talking to yourself:-) I love reading your blog, it makes me feel like I get way more into the show than I actually do. I hope you are right on this theory!

  36. Yeah, Kels, I thought I was talking to myself… but now I’m starting to wonder. That dude seemed to know a little more than I did about some of this stuff…. And I think he had also already seen Star Trek.

  37. “it will be shown to us before being told… and it’ll be done so using Jack’s tattoo as the visual.”

    I love the thought of them doing that. It would finally give the “Jack gets a tattoo” episode some real oomph!

  38. I’m with Itzel. Great theory, but Jack would have to get with his mom to father himself, and I don’t see ABC being the network to endorse mother-lovin’.


    Anyway around that?

  39. Zoe, that’s if you buy that she’s actually Jack’s biological mother. She could be Kate, or she could be someone else. But she doesn’t have to be the woman who birth him. And even if she is, he doesn’t have to be the biological father. There are plenty of men that com into a child’s life early, adopt and raise them as their own.

  40. how about this:

    Arron = Jack = Christian

    Claire = Jacks mother, NOT jacks sister.

    In the Bible, Benjamin (Ben) is Jacob’s son.

    The other man on the beach in black is an “Esau” character (Jacobs brother)—from the old testament as well. That’s also why we haven’t learned his name yet. If we had, then it would have spoiled the surprise

    both brothers are grandsons of none other than Abraham…as in J.J. Abrams…Jeffrey Jacob Abrams…Abram was the original name of Abraham bitches!

    eat snacky smores

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