who's John Cabrera?

oh that's right… it's me.

who the hell is John?

Who am I?

Well, I’m… John Cabrera… just another guy who lives in LA. I like to write, direct, and act in make-believe stories. I was born in Miami, Florida about 37 years ago and I left there when I was 18 to study in Chicago. Within a matter of months, I went from hurricanes and 105 degree humidity to blizzards and -70 degree wind chill. For everyone outside the US that’s Celsius 41° to -57°.

I attended DePaul University’s The Theatre School (yeah, you gotta keep the “The” in there) where I met some of my closest colleagues and friends to date. After I graduated in 1997 I stuck around for a bit… endured that winter for 4 more years, joined a small group of artist and helped build the foundations of a theatre and arts organization called collaboraction. In 2001 I moved here. In 2002 I was cast on a TV show called Gilmore Girls, in a role I thought would only last one episode. I returned for 31 more over the next five years. During that time, I also directed and produced a handful of short films and a music video. Some of my work can be viewed HERE.

Since the show ended, I’ve focused my career more into writing, directing and producing. I wrote and directed a teen musical in 2010. That was around the same time I was also writing a big Sci-fi series for Warner Brothers set in the near future. So, you know… I’ll write just about anything you throw at me: Restaurant reviews, lost pet posters, you name it.

That below is a picture of me, by the way. You may have seen it before. I use it a lot on the internet. It’s from a headshot set I did several years ago. The only candid shot in the bunch. I liked it cause I thought it captured my personality well… talking to the photographer about something random as hell I’m sure. My sister thinks it looks like I’m constipated.

Well, there’s more to tell, I guess… but I’m leaving that for the blog itself. Cool?

This is John Cabrera

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