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So I now know the episode air dates for both TV shows I recently worked on. Usually, I’d have separate posts for each, but since I booked the jobs and shot them both in the same week, they kind of feel like twins. They even have some twin-like similarities… without spoiling the plots of either, I’ll go down the list.

  1. They’re both procedural dramas (ie crime mysteries).
  2. They’re both on CBS.
  3. I’m wearing my glasses in both.
  4. I have facial stubble in both.
  5. I’m answering questions in both.
  6. And I had a blast working on both.

And there are a few other similarities… but plenty of differences… so you really should watch both. 😉

  • Numb3rs, “Animal Rites” – Airs on CBS, March 20th 2009. UPDATE: This info was wrong. Numb3rs is away for two weeks, and it’s scheduled to come back on April 3rd with a rebroadcast. Since “Animal Rites” is the next new episode, my guess is April 10th. If so, both shows will air the same week… which would make the similarity of everything all the stranger. Anyway, I’ll update this post when I know more. Sorry for the confusion.
  • Without a Trace, “Hard Landing” – Airs on CBS, April 14th 2009.
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  1. Animal Rites. I’m really hoping this is about a bomb in a pet cemetary & not something that will give me nightmares.

    Way to go on the double booking though! Looking forward to both.

  2. Congratulations! Any chance of either gig being recurring for you, or are they just one offs?

  3. this is so exciting! i will be done with Finals when Numb3rs airs, and it’s on late enough that Cody should be asleep, so all signs point to me being able to watch! :)

    congrats again, i’m so happy for you!

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  5. Yey! Just catching up on your posts. I’m so happy to not have missed those yet! I DVR Numb3rs…don’t really follow Without a Trace, but I’ll remember to watch tomorrow’s! :o)

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