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This year and those long past


Hey everyone. I know I said I had a big post coming… and I still do. In fact, it’s written and sitting as a draft in my wordpress. I just need a few videos to accompany it and it requires me scouring old hard drives for the footage. My hope is to get to that this weekend.

In the interim, here’s a little update.

We’re moving along pretty smoothly as we prepare to premiere The Homes. And it looks like we may have a date. I don’t want to reveal the exact day yet… but I’ll just say, set your calendars for the second week of January. It’ll be premiering at Lockerz.com. I’m already a member there, if you are too, you can find me with the email address john@johncabrera.com.

We’re also in the thick of H+ casting which has been amazing, I have to say. You develop a project for 4 years, and man is it wild watching actors breathe life into the the roles… sometimes in ways you’d have never imagined.

And I’ve got one of my closest friends and colleagues Mara Casey working with me again on this. She was the casting director on Gilmore Girls, and she recently cast my series The Homes. Needless to say, she’s a rockstar. She also got an office in the same building where my own office is, so it’s turned out to be pretty convenient for me. One minute I’ll be airbrushing a zit off of an actor’s forehead, then a minute later I’m down the hall watching auditions.

This year has been crazy, to say the least.

What else, what else… oh, I’m going to Detroit this month to act in my buddy Lee Kirk’s film The Giant Mechanical Man. First acting gig in a while. That should be fun. It’s a really cool scene with Topher Grace, and it’s pretty funny. I just hope Lee let’s me keep my beard.

Oh, right, my beard is back! Holla at’ca beard!

Okay totally separate subject (and I won’t lie, the true inspiration for this post):

Renering of the Statue of Zeus at Olympiaimage source

I’ve been reading up a ton on the statue of Zeus at Olympia (stay with me here), and I have to say, the more I read about it, the more bummed I am that it’s gone. Sad that so many great works have been lost.

No one has even found a replica of exactly what it looked like. Just descriptions. I mean, this was a 40 foot tall statue in one of the most important places in the world at the time. If something that big is lost to the ages, imagine all the smaller but no less important art, knowledge, history, science that’s gone without us even knowing… without it’s own Wikipedia entry!

It also got me thinking about what we have today.

So here’s a question for you: If humans keep on keepin on for another, say, 3000 years… and you had to place a bet on what would be lost in that time… what would you say?

Anything? Have we gotten to a point where we are impervious to that type of thing? Do our digital records of everything keep our history safer… or is it more vulnerable than ever?

I guess that’s more like “questions”, and man, I could come up with a hundred more on this subject… but I’m working on brevity here at johncabrera.com. So I’ll just end with these: Do you think the Statue of Liberty will make it another 3000 years? If no, how long do you give it?


  1. Tough questions there in the end.

    Oh, wait … Du willst bestimmt dein Deutsch trainieren. 😉

    Schön mal wieder von dir zu hören!

    Mit ‘The Homes’ scheint es ja richtig gut zu laufen. Bin schon gespannt wie es dann aussieht.

    Freue mich auch zu lesen, dass du mal wieder als Schauspieler aktiv bist. Hoffe, dass wir den Film in Deutschland dann auch irgendwann sehen.

    Was nun das Ende deines Eintrags angeht:
    Eigentlich kann ich mir nicht vorstellen, dass die Freiheitsstatue einfach so verschwindet.

    Aber anscheinend ist es nicht unmöglich, dass so ein unglaubliches Bauwerk verschwindet, was mich traurig macht. Da ich an Geschichte interessiert bin und aus einer Stadt stamme, die von den Römern gegründet wurde, bedeuten mir alte Bau- und Kunstwerke etwas. Dass sie einfach so verloren gehen, finde ich schade.

    Ich denke aber nicht, dass unsere digitalen Archive das Bewahren dauerhaft sichern. Vielleicht bleiben uns manche Dinge dadruch länger erhalten, aber auch nur, wenn immer wieder Menschen da sind, denen es wichtig ist, dass sie erhalten bleiben. Wenn sich keiner mehr für die Vergangenheit (oder einen Teil davon) interessiert, dann geht sie verloren.

  2. Uh… you’re coming to Detroit?

  3. Barb, danke fuer deine schwerige Uebung. Du kommst aus einer Stadt, die von den Römern gegründet wurde? Cool! Welche Stadt? Are there remnants of any old structures… like stones from the ancient stadium?

    K8, I am! I’ll only be there a day though.

  4. Ich bin auch mal so ‘gemein’ und schreib dir auf deutsch 😉 [Ist dann sogesehen für uns beide eine Übung.]

    Hm.. Wie lange die Freiheitsstatue noch existieren wird? Gute Frage. Ich hoffe noch sehr lange und nicht, dass sie irgendwann verschwindet. Aber was wissen wir schon über die Zukunft? Leider nichts, außer dass man sie gestalten kann. Somit muss die Menschenheit schauen, dass die Geschichte, das Wissen, etc. irgendwie auch mündlich und schriftlich weiter geben wird und nicht nur auf das Digitale vertrauen. Denn auch digitales Wissen kann verloren gehen, nicht wahr?

    Du bist wieder als Schauspieler tätig? Da kann ich mich nur Barb anschließen und hoffen, dass wir den Film dann auch hier zu sehen bekommen.

    Was ‘The Homes’ angeht, freu ich mich schon drauf es dann bei Lockerz zu sehen. Bin dort ja angemeldet 😉

    Ebenso schön ist es zu hören, dass es auch bei ‘H+’ gut vorangeht.

    Nun mach ich aber auch mal Schluss mit meiner Antwort, sonst schwirrt dir noch der Kopf. 😛

  5. Dude. That blows! That’s probably the only chance I’ll have to meet you!

  6. Ug… this post got me thinking about the Buddhas of Afghanistan. And then I got sad.
    Like the Buddhas (one was 141 ft tall), the Zeus statue was probably destroyed due to a combination of religious ideology and as a show of political power.
    Who knows what may go down with the shifting borders of unstable nations as well as the global outreach of bigger economic powers in the next 3000 years.
    This of course brings me to what animal species will be lost. I just saw a story on the Spirit Bears of British Columbia. Apparently big oil wants to lay a massive oil pipeline through the only habitat of these endangered bears.
    I just don’t understand how thirst for money can override protecting wildlife. Don’t even get me started on the logging industry and the effects on the Salmon Population in the Pacific Northwest.

    Sorry there j, didn’t mean to rant. It is sometimes mind boggling to think about the incredible capacity that man has to create. A capacity that is equal to or lesser than man’s ability to destroy.

    Oh… but congrats on doing your part to create. Looking forward to all of your future projects.

  7. Ah man… did I kill the conversation? If so, I apologize.

  8. Haha! Not at all, P! My guess is, giant lost Zeus statues don’t have the bloggy appeal as giant Lost TV shows.

    But I agree, it was devastating when those Buddhas were destroyed. But I think ultimately I believe in change and accept that all things (even species of life, and great works of art) die and are forgotten. But it’s still sad.

  9. Whew!
    I like to think I accept change (things like the seasons and my gray hairs) but I for me it depends on the motivation behind the change.
    I grew up in the Redwood Forests of Northern California. My family owns 13 acres of forest land in Irmulco Valley (about 1 hour from where I live now.)
    Spending all my summers there while watching the number and size of the trees dwindle all around me has really sensitized me to how badly our wild lands need to be protected. The google maps of the areas now are devastating. Not to mention that some, if not all, of my health issue may be related to the aerial spraying of poisons in the 70’s by the lumber companies.
    Also, when I was very little, in the winters, the swollen rivers would be teaming with spawning Salmon but now, in the summer, we only occasionally find a whole in the river that was made by a female Salmon laying her eggs.

    I think I care more about this stuff that monuments or buildings… and probably because I grew up with a ringside seat.
    This is a map of where it is. If you look to the north you can really see the clear cut areas and devastation caused by the road builders, etc.


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