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SYTYCD Audition #3


Yo yo yo! Been itching to get this sucker up since the episode aired.

For all of you who watched it, I consider you my crew. I shall pop to you… lock to you… do a windmill and pass it off to you.

But for those who didn’t watch the episode… no worries… here’s how it went:

  1. A LOT of awesome dancers in a variety of styles. In fact, too many for me to remember. A really tall girl, a dude with a fuchsia tri-hawk, Asian Ballroom, a dirty ballerina, blah blah blah… it was a high talent episode, I thought.
  2. Just a small handful of lame auditions where the dancer(s) either couldn’t dance, cried afterwards, or both.
  3. The return of the classic SYTYCD character SEX. Only this time he was coerced into a strange battle with another goof ball dancer. And after the dust settled, our lovable time waster was given a pity pass into the choreography… yep, for the first time in SYTYCD history, SEX moved forward in the competition… can you guess how he did with a partner??

But throughout the entire episode, nothing rocked me more than the magical tale of Nickolas Nasty… aka Nick Nasty. I wouldn’t say he’s the best breaker I’ve seen. But he’s good. Certainly good enough to want to test in other styles.

But there was a li-ttle snag.

Check it out. His story/audition begins at 2:28 in the video.

(by the way, how great is this still frame of Nigel??!!)

I’m not gonna share my feelings about this in the post itself. Instead, I was hoping to have a dialog with all of you in the comments.

So what do you think? Was he treated unfairly? Did he get what he deserved?

Pass me that wave.

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  1. Uhhhh, he’s Nick Nasty! He’ll let you have it!! (as Mia said).
    Anyway…good dancer but he ran out of gas and got mad. Had to let that embarrassment come out somehow and keep strong. So he attacked the only chicken of the bunch :)
    But Mia this time gave him a good lesson. I’m sure Nasty here knows what respect means on the street or in his neighborhood, but he has to learn what it means on stage and in rehearsal rooms with other professionals (even when you have to deal with people like Nigel…). So yeah, judges were right. He had his chance and blew it. He’ll know better next time.
    Good dancer though…

  2. Wow. Nick nasty should have never opened his mouth! I think he got frustrated with his performance, thought the judges were going to criticize him, so he got on the defensive before they even said anything. He sunk his own ship on that one. Yikes.

  3. I hate when they do…no matter what the show is. Since it was only about Las Vegas and not top 10 why not give the guy another chance. Sure it wasn’t professional from him to react the way he did but I don’t think the judges are professional 100% of the time…or why did we witness another batch of Sex? :/ Plus it’s stupid from the judges/teachers/whatever to bitch about the contestants…please do your WORK and teach the contestants by EXAMPLE rather than CUTTING them. Yep, needed to shout that 😀

  4. Cosimo, I agree with Mia’s concern. If he behaves this way now, could be dangerous to put him in other settings with dancers, teachers, choreographers. But for me that’s where it ends… because I think it’s so hypocritical for the judges to preach respect when the spirit behind many of their negative critiques is sharp tongue wit aimed at embarrassing people. All in the name of “good TV”. Let’s not forget, these contestants are vetted before they’re let in that room.

    I also think it’s ironic that the same judge who felt so disrespected by Nasty, only a week earlier humiliated a ballroom couple on International Television. The difference is, Nick made a blatant slip because he was afraid of being humiliated in the same way… whereas Nigel had his comment recorded months earlier and as Executive Producer approved it’s airing. It’s also interesting to note which of the two actually apologized for what they said.

    Forget the fact that this is a show about dance… is that really the best way to teach someone a life lesson? Or were they giving us the lesson?

  5. I thought it was pretty unfair. I agree with Kels- I mean he clearly was feeling frustrated with himself about his performance, and was concerned about what would be said, so to protect his ego he was trying to convince himself that he did what he came to do.

    *sigh* I know it would have been better if he hadn’t spoken, if he’d let the judges finish their sentences, waited til they’d had their say, and then defended himself if it was necessary… but in a high-stress situation with a lot riding on it for the contestants (as opposed to the judges, who have very little at stake) it is difficult to take that route when you’re afraid of a severe blow to your self-esteem, especially based on how you feel about your own performance.

    also, his contrition immediately after the words slipped out show that he’s not a huge liability, he might let his temper/defensiveness get the best of him in the heat of the moment, but he knew it was a mistake, and I think he’d learn quickly to take constructive criticism without getting so defensive. he was trying to protect himself emotionally, which is so natural to human nature… I don’t know.

    of course, if the judges think him saying that while he wants to make Nigel happy, making the ladies happy is better cos they’re nicer is tremendously disrespectful (honestly, I didn’t think it was… he was mostly trying & failing to be funny & not care about what he *thought* Nigel was going to say about his performance), that’s their prerogative & he probably shouldn’t be on the show. but if his dancing was good enough for him to move on, I feel like one slip of the tongue shouldn’t be enough to disqualify him. we all say the wrong thing, sometimes.

    … for someone who didn’t watch the show, apparently I have a lot to say! sorry. (glad you have the character limit, now, JP!) xo

  6. [PS (as if I needed to say more! no need to post this.) I totally love that still of Nigel. sometimes those things end up just perfect. haha. :) xoxo]

  7. John don’t get me wrong, I totally agree that Nigel is the last person who should teach anything about professional respect. He (being the little b-uhm-baby he is), deliberately looked for confrontation when he noticed the guy’s frustration, abusing his God-like position in this show. But unfortunately that happens often in the dance world, and an artist who’d like to dance professionally has to know how to deal in a smart way with individuals like Nigel.
    And Nasty is a good breaker, but not great… I’m sure that during these auditions we’ll see breakers as good if not better, and in better shape. So the “I came out here to do something different”?? I don’t really get that… Has he ever watched the show and some of the truly amazing breakers that auditioned in past seasons?
    Anyway… When you have a large variety of dancers to choose from, why go with the one that just pissed you off?
    In a world where so many try to make it, you have to bring something very special to the table in order to get away with something like that. And in my opinion that’s not Nasty’s case.
    The only reason I would’ve kept the guy is that hopefully he would have brought some bad-boy drama to the show. But he burned himself too early and gave us only 5 minutes of “good tv” :)

  8. I guess the point of my last comment is that in my opinion Nigel is a chicken with God-mania, and Nick Nasty is just an ok breaker with a mouth… Overall not so ‘good tv’, but entertaining.
    (I dare you to approve this comment :))

  9. No he wasn’t great. And he totally ran out of steam. But that doesn’t seem to be an issue here. My general sense is that the judges liked him before he opened his mouth. Good or bad it sounded like they were planning to push him through to choreo…

    I don’t have a problem with them deciding not to. It’s their series and they can do whatever they want. But why show us that, unless to teach someone a lesson? His audition could have easily been cut from the episode and had the same effect… minus the “good TV”, I guess.

    It’s just so self righteous… and made an example out of a nervous insecure guy who was – as Jules said – just trying to be funny and protect his ego.

    Jules, I agree, the judges have so little at stake in comparison to him. I don’t think what he did was right, but I can identify with it as a vulnerable human mistake.

    Well, I’m sure he’ll be back next year… and he’ll be polite as hell… and he’ll talk about the lesson he learned… and the judges will be so proud of his growth… and they’ll put him through to the choreo.

  10. Oh, yes! I would *love* to see him have the guts to try again next year! :) I sure hope you’re right about that.

    also, I have been thinking a lot about this since watching that video… I really want to see more of these auditions, because it seems so weird to me that the judges didn’t understand where Nick Nasty was coming from emotionally.

    *every* contestant that walks in that door must be so incredibly nervous and stressed… the energy in that place, I imagine, would be *so* highly charged!

    this is season 3, right? everyone deals with intense stress differently, but I would think the judges have seen, in the past however-many auditions they’ve done these 3 seasons, that cocky save-face reaction before.

    to me, it feels more irresponsible that the judges can’t recognize and take in stride different contestants’ stress reactions than that a contestant would make an inappropriate joke. haha. is that weird? or is it just me??


  11. Honestly, Fox kinda pisses me off. I understand that people want to be noticed for their talents but Fox utilizes the power of television to humiliate and make money.
    Nick was not that great though I’m sure he was nervous, causing him to not dance his best. And Nigel, is just an executive producer, what does he know about dance? The judging table honestly could do without him. After all the contestants are trying to win a contract to be in a Dance Company, not their own dance tv show.

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