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H+ Season 2 & Blogging… Starting up the engine


Hey there guys! It’s been some time, hasn’t it?

Yeah… I guess a lot has happened since my last post in July. And well… it’s clearly pulled me away from blogging in a major way.

I launched a series online this year that’s been going pretty well. Some of you may have heard of it. It’s called H+ (H+: The Digital Series if you dig on formalities). And it’s been a wild ride, to say the least. I’ve even picked up a few other projects along the way. I’ll talk about those in the coming week and months, I’m sure.

But yeah… busy year. Not a lot of time to just write for the hell of it.

And yet, I’ve really missed the blogging… writing for no other reason than to hear the clicking of my keyboard. It’s something I’ve been eager to start back up again for a while now.

So I’ve decided to hell with it, I’m coming back. And it feels right. I actually began blogging for the first time in 2008 as we started working on the script for H+ at Warner brothers. Now that we’ve begun work on H+ Season 2, what better time than now to return?

Some of you may also remember that this blog was really jump-started by a passion I had for writing about the TV shows I was watching at the time… and the occasional cartography that went with it. In fact, I’m sure many of you who have seen H+ can detect several of its influences.

I also talked a lot about social media back in those early blogging days, and that’s changed a lot since 2008, huh?

I told funny stories. Rants. Sometimes just straight-up blogging the depressing funks I was in (cause I like to keep it real). I shared stuff about the projects I was working on. Stuff you could see me in (I used to be an actor).

So yeah. You can probably expect more of the same. I’m just gonna stick with what I know. I even went back and reread my first post ever in order to get some inspiration for this one. So I’m really serious here.

Let’s see… I’m watching Breaking Bad right now and trying to catch up before Season 5-Part 2 starts (I’m on Season 3). I’ll likely blog the hell out of that show when it starts back up again. Game of Thrones for sure. Homeland. These are currently my jams.

My life has lots of weird things happening right now. A big turning point, I feel. So I imagine I’ll have some fun stories about my journey out here in La La Land.

And of course, I’ll also have a bit of sci-fi geekery for any interested parties… the kind of geeking some of you have seen here in the past. Only this particular sci-fi I know very well…

An H+ Community

You see, I’d also like to use this blog as a place for H+ fans to engage me directly about all things concerning the series. Many already do on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+… but I’d love to form a discreet little community for the series here. I think it’ll inspire us as we work on H+ Season 2. And in exchange, fans can expect insight into the series on a whole, our development process for H+ Season 2, and any other breaking news.

Now, for those of you who are happy to hear about the blogging return but not particularly interested in H+ Season 2 (or 1 for that matter), fear not. Any post dealing strictly with H+ will be labeled as such. And I’ll do my best to keep some variety.

So that’s about it.

Oh! Wait, no! I have to mention our great news! H+ won a Streamy this past weekend! Best Sci-Fi series on the web! Check out our acceptance speech below.

Talk to you soon.


  1. He’s baaacckkk! Yay! The internet is whole once more!

  2. Woot woot! Oh and you do know that my coffee posts are now going to be replaced with tea posts, right? 😉

  3. Great to have you back! And tea is far superior to coffee although I suspect you don’t drink it like I do (what we call builder’s tea over the pond).

  4. Well I drink black tea mostly, Kate. Twinings. I buy pretty large tins of it loose. And while I never intend on a super strong tea… I am known to often forget about it while it’s brewing (cause I can be a bit of a space cadet). So I actually am pretty familiar with extremely strong brews. I also tend go a bit heavier on the amount of tea I use.

    What I don’t do is put milk or sugar in my tea. Maybe a touch of soy milk if I want some variety (I’m allergic to cow’s milk), but I don’t like sugar in my coffee or my tea.

  5. Great to see you’re blogging again – and that with ‘tea’ we have at least ONE common topic…. (after communication breaks down on H+, do they still manage to ship that stuff out of India etc. ?)

  6. Hi. We (my family and I) watch H+. We enjoy it for it’s entertainment value, but it scares the hell out of me. Did you know none of the information in your average pacemaker is encrypted? I like tea sometimes, but I can honestly say I’m addicted to coffee. However, I rarely, as in almost never, have more than one cup per day. Actually, during the week, I don’t usually even finish my first cup. I just like to have a few sips first thing. And holy smokes if I don’t have them.

    SO why can’t I find the first season episodes one after another, back to back, all stitched together? We sat down and watched about ten episodes at a time and it made for a much richer and engrossing experience. Watching the whole season without breaks would be epic.

    Do you like the TV show Touch? I like the idea that everything is so completely connected by numbers. And even more I like the idea that there are people – beings – out there that can read and understand all those numbers.

    Anyhow, hope there is lots more H+ to come, thanks for all the efforts, much appreciated. But lets hope the series is not a portent of the future.

    I hope it inspires more people to talk about the ethics and morals and consequences of technology, and particularly mixing technology and biology. Skynet anyone?

  7. Hey tarnrevick! Sorry for the delay. Have you checked our YouTube channel lately. We have playlists that string all the episodes together and play them automatically, skipping credits and titles. We have 8 chapters as well as one long one. You can find them on our YouTube channel page.

    The reason we didn’t create one long edited version is ∵ we believe that the series can be viewed in a variety of configurations. For example, google “H+ Chronological” and you’ll find dozens of playlists created by fans of the series and orders the episodes in chronological order rather than release order, and there are other ways to order them too.

  8. H+ is absolutely the most amazing thing I have ever watched!!!! I was looking around for information on season 2 and stumbled across your blog. SOOOOOO…. When can we see the first episodes for the new season?!?!?! I can’t wait!! Keep up the great work!

  9. So glad you like it! We’re working as fast as we can to get the next season going. Cosimo and I are in the middle of writing it. But in the meantime, we have some other story content within the H+ world that will serve as interim content between seasons. So keep your eye out on our channel!

  10. Anxiously waiting for Season 2. Hope all is well.

  11. Can’t wait for season 2 of what is easily the best web series ever made!

  12. When is season 2 coming out??? I’m snowed in today, so I watched season 1 in its entirety and I’m in love! It’s way better than Lost, and I really liked Lost (well up to season 3 anyway). Don’t make us wait too long for season 2! This is well written and suspensful.

  13. Thanks Chandra! So good to hear! Please spread the word!

    We turned in our first draft of the H+2 script to Warner Brothers last month. We’re still a ways away from going into production, but I can tell you everyone is very excited about it on this end. Its episodes will be longer and we explore even more of our timeline than in H+1.

  14. This series is awasome.
    Please give us a date for 2nd season.
    I translated 1st season subtitles to Turkish with my friend.

  15. I hope you still check this, but I was rewatching H+ with my boyfriend today and remembered how utterly amazing it is, but since these posts from you almost a year ago I’ve heard nothing about season 3. Is it still going to be a thing? Please? I really hope it is because it’s such an utterly amazing show and there’s still so much left unanswered and slvkghkldg lds

  16. Hey guys, I was reading some of the comments and I read something about someone wanting the whole season 1 stitched together…. Well who ever posted that is in luck!!! I have the whole first season put together into a thrilling 2 hour movie!!! It took me a day to put it all together but I’ve done it. Anyway if any of you actually want to download just request for a link(depending on how many requests I will make the file downloadable), which should be posted soon (after the file is uploaded to Dropbox or something similar).

  17. Thanks, taranoshi!

  18. i found h+ a few days ago, and it’s so good! i hope we can see season 2!

  19. Hey John,
    Hope you’re still on these boards! Just wondering what ever happened to season 2 ? it’s been over 2 years so I’m assuming the show was cancelled? I really hope it wasn’t because this series has a feel to it no tv or movie has to date, and the production of it’s incredible. Thanks!

  20. ZOMG! is Season 2 ever coming out?!?!?! i cant deal with this waiting any longer! lol. Cheers!

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