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Two years of Comic Con in a row with a project I was promoting. That happened. Back in 2010 I didn’t think I’d see one Comic Con under those circumstances. But now I’m writing this post feeling… well… kind of like a Comic Con vet. What?

Some of you may remember my post from last year (hell, some of you may even remember seeing me AT the Con last year). Well this one was very different for me.

This year, I was there promoting the series. I know there were instagrams of me downing a few cocktails, and yes, I did party pretty hardy. But mostly I was there on a mission: to get this show on the radar. Not just teasing it like last year. We’re talking, on the floor shillin it, taking photos with random people (who somehow saw Brian Fuller under the hat and sunglasses… which, by the way, are prescription), signing frigging posters, panels, press junkets, you name it. I was this close to selling Sean Gunn to a group of teenage girls in exchange for helping me pass out fliers… but I was worried Warner Legal might have a problem with it… not selling Sean so much as the fact that the girls kept calling it HP.

H+ at Comic Con REDUX

Last year we were in the Indigo Ballroom talking to a room of like 2000. And let’s be honest, not really talking much about it. Just sort of talking around it.

This year, however, we were a part of the YouTube Fan Lounge, which probably saw about 5000 peeps over the course of the three days. We had a booth set up that was meant to be a testing facility for one of the important corporations in the series. Not sure how many people picked up on that. And I’m not really sure how many people actually subscribed to the channel after visiting the booth, but anyone who did got one of these naughty boys.

H+ Comic Con USB Bracelets

This is a one of a kind H+ collectible. This right here is gonna be mad worth one day, yo. It’s a USB bracelet, and it is awesome. I know you want one. Especially because there is a video on it we made especially for Comic Con. We shot it a couple weeks before the Con. And what was most exciting about that was knowing we can create more stuff like this for you guys throughout the run. Want to see that video? Okay… check it out:

Are you wondering if this video contains any clues? Have you seen the NYC style subway map I made of the island of Lost?

I have to say, aside from all the promotion, though, there were some serious highlights during the weekend.

Okay, so I’m gonna paint a picture here for you. Close your eyes.

Oh shit. Open them, you have to read this.

Oh shit, you can’t hear me. Okay, I’ll just wait.

So we walk into the IGN party on Thursday night, the first night of Comic Con (it was me, Jason Taylor, Sean Gunn, and David Rogers), I look up at the stage which is, like, about 30 meters away, and who to my wondering eyes should be freestyling? The RZA. I’m like, “is that the friggin RZA? That’s the RZA!” And it was the RZA. It was the friggin RZA.

Comic Con, man.

After that, I feel like something magical happened… cause it was just nonstop bumping into people I knew the rest of the night. The rest of the Con really. Including folks who I had no idea were even at Comic Con. It was as though the RZA had this magical power to bring people together. It was beautiful. I was expecting my mom to suddenly appear. How crazy would it have been if my mom had appeared onstage with the RZA. Close your eyes and imagine that. Oh shit, sorry open them.

The Good Stuff

The Wired Cafe was of course another highlight of the Con this year. Although, last year the theme was True Blood and they had blood inspired drinks. I didn’t go near the bar because of it. This year, however… Game of THRIZIES!! Three specialty drinks: White Walkers, Wildfires, and Ice & Fires (lazy name that last one). White Walkers were basically just vodka, so they were a good palate cleanser. The Wildfires, though, became my drink throughout the weekend, and they were delicioso… oh-so-good.

Anyone who has been to the Wired Cafe will tell you, it’s hands down the best party at Comic Con. For several reasons.

1) It’s every day.
2) It’s all day.
3) It’s free drinks all day.
4) If you’re staying at the Omni (which we were, both this year and last) it’s in your hotel. That means you can wake up and just go down there in your pajamas.

But best of all, it’s loads of free stuff… and like good stuff.

Last year I got a wooden back for my iPhone. Not a wooden case. I had the back of my iPhone removed and replaced with a beautiful piece of hard wood. I love it still, to this day, and hope Apple doesn’t change the iPhone design too much that I can’t put it on a future phone.

Comic Con 2011 Wooden iPhone Back

This year it was Nanodots and Bodymedia.

I am officially addicted to Nanodots. I play with the 64 dots I was given, like, every day… even though 64 dots is NOT ENOUGH. I can’t even begin to list all the unfinished masterpieces I’ve had to abandon. I need more dots. I was considering taking a hole puncher to a couple of refrigerator magnets just to finish this cobra I was working on. I should be getting a new set soon.

Bodymedia is a system designed to give you an understanding of your daily physical activity… so that you can adjust it if you notice something’s a little off. The armbands normally cost $200. But not at the Wired Cafe! I started wearing mine within minutes of arriving on my first day there. And boy is it accurate. I was wearing it for about 4 hours on that first day before checking the data. Sure enough. It told me that I had been standing around drinking for the past 4 hours.

I really dig it though. I’ve been wearing it a bit since returning. I’m especially fascinated (read: disturbed) by the feature that tells you how well you sleep. I don’t sleep very well apparently. Not quite sure how to adjust that, though.

We did a signing for H+. That was fun… but also a little odd, since I’m sure no one there knew what the show even was. Seriously, I think we could have signed left over snickers wrappers and people would have lined up to get them. The truth is, most folks were there to say hello this this guy:

Alexis Denisof signs H+ posters at Comic Con 2012

But one of my favorite things about the Con this year was getting to hang out with and meet some of you for the first friggin time! Again, thank you RZA. I met a bunch of folks this time… some of whom have been johncabrera.COMing it for years.

John Cabrera, Julia Fishwick, and Sean Gunn

Jules “Gitterbubbles” Fishwick, you are awesome. You nearly broke a rib when you hugged me, but man was it long overdue. I also got to meet Jennifer Felder, Courtney Klems, and although we’ve already met, it was nice to see Amrie Cunningham again. By the way, those are the sinister eyes of Sean Gunn peeping over our shoulders in the picture above.

It was great. Just all around great. I must have talked to a good 1000 people while shilling H+, and in the process I made some awesome new friendships.

New York Screening

After Comic Con, though, we flew directly to NYC for more H+ promoting. We did another screening of the series which was equally as exciting and very well received. I was, however, exhausted. I have no idea how movie stars do promotional tours that are more than just one city. How the hell do they survive that?

Anyway, this was our panel after the screening. I really wish we could have shown it in more cities before launch. I’m just so jonezing for you guys to see this thing.

H+ screening New York City 2012

I also got to spend some quality time with my family. Cousins on both sides of the tree attended the show. The coolest part about that was how amazing both those dudes are despite how different. They’re also grown men now, and most of my memory of them was from when they were just little guys.

My sister also lives in New York, and some of you know from past posts that she and I are really close… and that we have been cut off from each other for years while she was living in Greece. We actually got to hang out all three days that I was there, which was so good for me. So needed.

And hopefully for H+ too, because I gave her a bunch of flyers to hand out at Times Square over the coming weeks.

What?! That is a totally acceptable request of a family member.

By the way… um… can you please click on one of the links below thanks?


  1. John, you are my hero.

  2. Sounds like fun – including the drinks :)
    I’m sure the series is a great success!!

  3. I am strangely proud to see this project coming to fruition. You’ve been so generous with keeping us in the loop with every up and down of the past years. It’s satisfying to see you bring it home. I am looking forward to seeing the show, although with my Internet habits it’s probably going to scare me;)

    Keeping my fingers crossed for the home stretch.

  4. I got super excited when you mentioned Brian Fuller… and then I was like… oh, right, not the BRYAN Fuller I was thinking of. Man, I sure miss Wonder Falls. I wonder what Jaye Tyler would be up to these days… and what is Bryan up to? Last I heard he was working on some project in Europe. But I digress…
    Even though a bunch of my friends make the Trek to Mecca… I mean Comic Con every year as fans, merchants and creatives, I never go. I’ve always felt a been there done that feeling about it because I’ve been to SO many Star Trek and SciFi Con’s in Northern CA back in the 90’s. But then I saw the Game of Thrones bar and of course Alexis, the Rogue Demon Hunter in your photos and I realized… I really need to go next year.
    I’m glad things are going so well for you and H+. I hope it just keeps on for you.
    ~ p

  5. Likewise, my friend!

    So happy for all the great H+ buzz – I talk about it with everyone I can!

    Looking forward to more!

  6. this isn’t the first time (and I’m sure it won’t be the last time) I have told you how entirely excited I am about this show – for you, and for us all!! I love this post, and I am already completely hooked on the show and can’t wait for more.

    also, sorry about your ribs, man! 😉 meeting you was the best. thanks for putting up with that hug, my friend!! xoxoxoxo

  7. First, thanks for the interesting report from Comicon – by follwing it through Twitter and links this year, it almost feels as if I had been there.
    Second, I hope you’ve got completely rid of the bug by now and feel fine – you looked quite pale in the one interviews I partly watched. (Usually I watch the extras after I’ve watched the movie itself).
    Third – sorry, feel like I am spoiling the party – but from what I’ve seen/read/heard by now, H+ is not terribly interesting to me – so I will watch it only because I like you and this blog….well, I hope I’m wrong. But I did unfollow the official H+ campaign on Twitter because I really did not like it – too blatant and obtrusive for my taste. And these bracelets look kind of scary to me – somehow as if I wore one I might suddenly drop dead…so I prefer them at virtual distance.
    It came to my mind that the way the H+ series will appear on YouTube, parallel instead of in a fixed sequence, will be kind of like I read through back issues of this blog….only that those past blog entries are parallel on the net, but actually too distant in time to still comment on them.
    May I ask about the business model of H+ ? As I see it, all I had to do to watch it was to sign up at Google+ – so is it paid by ads? Can I support you by watching as much as possible?
    (Another impertinent question: how is Transhumanism’s stand on beauty operations?)

    Have fun watching the Mars landing from JPL – hope the vessel makes it in one piece..

  8. P.S. – Just found out that: yes, I could subscribe to the series, I could see the trailer, the teaser, the interviews (am just watching the recent one which starts with you being cut off from music when entering a garage) – but: when I try to watch the first two uploaded episodes, I am informed that they are not available in my country… :(
    really disappointing, after all the other stuff worked. I’d really like to watch them, but no, I would not have anything implanted into my brain just so I could…..

  9. Hey, Beate, sorry for the delay in responding. It’s been a busy few weeks and I haven’t been checking my blog frequently.

    Yes, our business model is ad supported, so the more people watch the more money Warner makes on the series. And if they make money on this then we can make another one! 😀

    I know, it’s awful, but we are region restricted in Germany. Also in Italy, Spain, France, and Chile. But that’s because there are other distribution partners who will be releasing them there. Those deals haven’t finished yet. As soon as they do, I’ll let all of you know. I certainly can’t wait for you all to watch the series. :)

  10. Thanks for your reply – yes I have figured/seen from your tweets, tumblr posts and all the other ado around the launch of H+ that you were extremely busy.
    If you should have five minutes to spare: I thought this piece of ‘real’ H+ very interesting: http://gizmodo.com/5921868
    (I have tweeted a link to it earlier, but I do not know if you have seen/followed it).
    Hope you have a good time and can relax in spite of the extreme heat spell over there (which I prefer to follow from a virtual distance with summer here being really pleasant for the moment…)

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