who's John Cabrera?

oh that's right… it's me.



So I’m in the Bay Area this weekend, participating in a rather interesting event. I was asked to speak at something called Startup Weekend MEGA hosted at Microsoft. It’s a wild three day event in which entrepreneurs basically pitch ideas for start up companies in a rapid fire fashion.

People from a variety of different tech, marketing, and business backgrounds literally just pull ideas out of their head and try to put together a full pitch and business plan IN THREE DAYS!

As I said, I was asked to speak at the keynote, in which I mostly just talked about my background in tech and the arts, and a little bit about how Hollywood is being rattled by all this new Internet technology.

But then later in the evening, they began the process of actual rapid fire pitching. I was given a space in the robotics track. Meaning that I was only surrounded by people interested in starting companies that leverage robotics in some way. About 30 people got up on stage and had 60 seconds to pitch an idea (many they’d come up with minutes before). It was almost like a rumba line of pitching. It looked fun, but also really stressful.

For a while I thought I was just going to observe. And then at the last minute I had an idea for a product that used robotics in a way that was sort of relevant to my keynote speech.

So on a total whim, I hopped into the line, I rapid fire pitched my idea, and to make a long story short…. I am now officially participating in this weekend.

A few others there were interested in my idea, and I soon formed a little team made up of me (an actor, writer, director), a couple of software programmers, a businesswoman (from Guatamala! Awesome!), and a businessman. And by Sunday night we need to have a friggin business model, business plan, and A WORKING FRIGGIN DEMO using a robot here at the event called the Turtle (Google it… it’s late and I’m too tired to find the link.)

I’ll fill you in more on what our company is and the product as the weekend continues. And I’ll be tweeting and blogging all weekend.

I’m really excited, I have to say. My own robot company?! Even if we totally crash and burn, this is super cool.

Oh and by the way, hi. I haven’t been online in a while. Well, I’m back… for now. 😉


  1. I did Google turtle robots… My brain is now skipping back & forth between the second season of Wonder Woman & the scene from the Woomba SNL skit where a turtle is chasing Tina Fey through the woods. Either way, sounds like a fun & interesting weekend. Good luck!

  2. I wish u happiness John, ur mind is truly admirable not to mention what a great guy ur,,, U motivate me…Take care

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