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Okay, so some of you know, I am a Google Glass Explorer (Beta Tester). I picked the device up on Saturday. And unfortunately, I haven’t had a fantastic experience with it yet. Because the moment I put on the device, I discovered… drum roll, please… I couldn’t read a single thing on the screen. Everything was blurry.

But I took it home anyway in the hopes that I might be able to get to the bottom of this. Did I need a better prescription? Was Google Glass designed only for people with strong vision in their right eye? Well, those questions led me to a Lenscrafters yesterday where I got a really thorough eye exam by a fantastic doctor there. She set me up with a slightly better prescription, and now I can sort of make out some of the detail on the screen. But more important than that, I learned something very interesting about myself…

I have a lazy eye.

Yep. Turns out, one of my eyes has been living rent free in my head for the past 30 years.

Now, this initial experience with Google GLASS has been absolutely exhausting. But it’s been extremely informative… and perhaps a bit fortuitous, as well. You see, I could have easily walked away from this by now. I could have given them back right there at the fitting. If I had, that would have been that. I’d have just gone about my life as I had been… never knowing the truth about this freeloader of an eye.

But I’m now very glad that I’m giving this a shot, and so I’m going to explain how, despite all of this…

Google Glass might just change my life

Now for those of you with a dominant left eye who read my G+ post about this and are worried that their experience with Google GLASS might be similar to mine… don’t worry. You can feel pretty safe knowing that the chances of you having what I have are super slim. In fact, of the 8000 beta testers in this Explorer program, I could easily be the only one with this.

I have Amblyopia in my right eye. That’s the inability to focus, regardless of how strong the prescription.

There’s about a 0.1% chance that a person will develop it exactly as I have (which is particularly incompatible with this prototype of GLASS). And I’ve never noticed it, cause my dominant left eye does all the work. It’s responsible for sending all the fine detail to my brain, and so with glasses, I see perfectly. I don’t even notice what the right eye is doing… which apparently is sitting around all day like a total cheeto-eating loafer.

The good news… this is fixable. Sort of… or at least somewhat. This would have been EASILY fixable if it had been detected when I was 6 or 7 years old. But at my age, it’s going to be a very tough road. But I’m determined to give it the old college try.

The even better news? I get. to wear. an EYE PATCH!

No joke. The doctor has put me on a regimen of about 3 hours a day of patching my good eye. Which if I’m gonna be honest, probably would have been a nightmare when I was 6 or 7, and now… well… it’s just flat out awesome.

Yeah, I’m gonna get that lazy sucker off the couch and out doing some exercise.

And guess what else. It turns out Google GLASS may be the best therapy of all. The doctor seems to think that using it will be a good focusing workout on that eye. So GLASS may be my savior here and an even more important part of my life than I ever would have thought. Because if I don’t get this eye in shape, there is a 30% chance that IT WILL START TURNING!!!!

Holy crap! I could become a totally nutty looking dude. It could point inward, making me cross eyed. Or it could turn outward making me look absolutely insane! Or down?!! Have you ever seen someone with one downward turning eye??!!! Okay, I have no idea if that’s actually possible, but I don’t want this thing wandering-off in any direction, that’s for sure.

So anyway, back to the eye patch. I want to get a really rad one. I’m already starting my search online. If you guys have any fun ideas or know of some good patches, let me know.

And if you want to follow my journey with GLASS in real time, find me on Twitter and Google+ where I’m posting photos, video, and other anecdotes.

More GLASSy-eyed tales to come. Stay tuned.

Is Google Glass supposed to be blurry?


  1. Now it works :)
    That’s so interesting! Can not wait to read more about it!!

  2. Um… I had a lazy right eye when I was in the first grade.. And needed to wear an eye patch over it to correct it. I don’t remember how long I had to do this but it was indeed horrible. AND my doctor and mom thought it would make my life better by putting a huge sticker on it. So if you didn’t notice a flesh-colored patch before, that bright yellow ducky on my eye’ll fix that! :/ oh memories..

  3. Over my good eye, I meant. Duh.

  4. That picture made me feel guilty about laughing so much through this post.

  5. Jeanie, isn’t so funny how the things we hated as kids we think are so awesome now. I mean, now I would wear the shit out of an eye patch with a ducky on it. But back in first grade it would have been my death. lol.

  6. Sarah, don’t feel guilty 😉 I’m here in this world to be laughed it. I’ve accepted my role.

  7. I was just about to favorite/like your last comment, then realized this is WordPress…..wishing you lots of fun with the ducky-decorated eye-patch I’m sure you’ll find somewhere….
    I tried to read the second part of your post by using my bad left eye only – it remained slightly blurry, but just readible.
    Pondering if there is something to that old idea about analytic left brain and inclusive, emotional right brain, or if that was disproved by modern neurology…and if there is any relation between that and good/bad eyes, and early life perception of the world through them….

  8. Beate… you comment… [LIKED]

    (That’s how I’ll do it. But you’re right. WordPress needs a liking system.)

  9. I have amblyopia in my left eye. So I wonder what that will be like. Will it take up my whole vision?

    Also do you have stereoscopic vision? Does 3D cinema work for you? Amazing that you hadn’t noticed till now.

  10. Rylan, you’ll be totally fine with Glass if your left is the lazy eye. With this version, you can only see the screen with your right eye. Your left eye does absolutely nothing. It’s like being at the eye doctor and they cover one eye for you to read the stuff off the board.

    Well, 3D movies do look 3D to me, but I don’t really go to them much cause I don’t really notice enough difference to really love the experience. I just figured that was my preference. But maybe it is the lazy eye.

    But the eye isn’t blind. I can see out of it and it preserves the general form of the object. So depth is preseved fine. I just register the detail of an object with my left. But in the right there’s just no detail so I can’t read anything in Glass… Even with the strongest prescription.

  11. My left eye is lazy eye, I have known since 10 and gave up correcting it, I have the exploration email for glass in mailbox, I was thinking it to use for the lazy eye, can’t the Google glass to be turned and used for left eye?

  12. Unfortunately, it can’t be turned, no. And right now they are only making it for the right eye. So if that’s your lazy eye then you’re sort of screwed, like me.

    I would wait to get the explorer edition, though. The new version that’s coming out next year will be compatible with prescription eyewear.

  13. Thanks for reply. I appreciate very much. I think, i will skip the current offer then,.

  14. Dude, I just came across your post. I also have a dominant left eye since childhood and didn’t wear glasses until I was 28. My eye is not totally “lazy”, but it had more trouble focusing, even with the correct prescription, everything was getting blurry in a second or so. When I got my Glass, I was able to read the screen, but it was constantly shifting in and out of focus. After using Glass for a week I found out that vision in my right eye significantly improved!

  15. I’m actually looking forward to the new model that should be coming soon. I just stopped wearing my Glass entirely not so much because of the lazy eye (which certainly was a problem), but because it was a total pain to wear Glass with my glasses. It looked ridiculous and never sat on my face right. I was constantly adjusting just to see the screen at all. When I was using it a lot, it was definitely improving my vision. But only if I had my prescription lenses on or contacts. I hate wearing contacts so that was another problem.

    So I’m looking forward to getting a pair of prescription lenses to go with these and I may wear them more. I also want to buy something to cover the camera lens when I want to. Something that clearly tells people that the camera is not able to take any pictures or video. It will chill people out a bit more, I think.

  16. I actually have Amblyopia in my right eye as well. I noticed when I was 3 years old. I am legally blind in my right eye so I am really hoping that they make a left eye version.

  17. This was actually really bothering me since I have amblyopia in my right eye too. It stinks that life have us this hand out, but hey, you get what you get. This post has really helped because I was like “What if I can’t use google glass?” So thanks for being that one beta tester. :)

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